Zanzibar’s Food and Drug Agency launches e-portal

Zanzibar will now carry out the regulation of food, drug, cosmetics and medical devices online.

Zanzibar’s Food and Drug Agency (ZFDA) has rolled out its e-portal, an online system that will digitize all processes related to the food and drug regulatory services in Zanzibar.

This is in line with the East African Community Medicines Regulatory Harmonization Programme, which seeks to address the challenges faced by the seven National Medicine Regulatory Authorities in the region in developing and implementing medicine registration procedures compatible with internationally accepted standards.

The e-portal will ease the administration and management of regulatory services and documents issued by ZFDA, including the issuance of import and export permits, registration of foods, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices, issuance of good manufacturing practice certifications, premise registrations and all import and export inspection processes.

The agency expects that with the system in place, the average time taken to acquire import and export certificates will be reduced by up to 95%, while costs associated with acquiring such certificates will be reduced by up to 80%. Other benefits include enhanced transparency, integrity and accountability as the online systems collate information, making it possible to analyze data and make informed decisions.