World’s first trademark registration mobile app launched

Singapore’s IPOS Go app is set to transform trademark registration as know it.

The world’s first mobile app for trademark registration has been launched by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). Named IPOS Go, the app will allow businesses and entrepreneurs seeking trademark protection in Singapore to file their applications directly with IPOS via their mobile devices.

The app has been designed to make it faster and easier for business owners to submit their applications. Filing a trademark via IPOS Go can be finished in less than 10 minutes, from the current average of 45 to 60 minutes. Filing costs will also be significantly reduced as applicants may feel more confident in filing their applications directly with IPOS.

The speed and ease of filing will benefit the increasing number of enterprises and entrepreneurs who need a good branding strategy to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Applicants can also track their registration status, be notified of important updates, or file for trademark renewals via the app, on-the-go.

IPOS Go integrates AI technology to enhance searches for similar trademarks on the IPOS register, which can prevent applicants from filings for trademarks that are too similar to existing ones.

The app is available to download on the Apple App store and Google Play store.