Results of study on global laws for robotics, AI and cyberphysical systems published

The newly-published research is a significant contribution to developing the statutory regulation of Russia’s digital economy.

A large-scale Russian study on the development of legislation on robotics, artificial intelligence and cyberphysical systems has been completed. It is the first such research to be carried out in the country.

The main purpose of the research is to create a modern regulatory and legal framework for this industry in Russia. The data obtained brings the nation closer to its stated objective of transitioning the Russian Federation into a digital economy.

Commissioned by the Competency Center for Statutory Regulation of the Digital Economy in Moscow, the study was done as part of the action plan for the Statutory Regulation area of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation program.

A team of lawyers from Dentons analyzed the ideas, approaches and solutions in developing such legislation in 50 jurisdictions.

“Legal advisors generally discuss issues of whether a robot will have the special status of a digital person and who should be responsible for its actions. Our research showed that these are just some of the problems and certainly not the most pressing ones,” said Andrey Neznamov, an of counsel at Dentons and head of the Dentons Russia Legal Innovations Laboratory.

A presentation with key findings of the research can be downloaded here.

The final research report can be downloaded here.