Mixed picture for plant variety protection in France, GEVE reports

The French Variety and Seed Study and Control Group (GEVES) has revealed that in 2018, 98 new applications for protection were filed with the French National Office for Plant Breeders’ Rights (INOV).

This represented a return to an average figure after an exceptional year in 2017 which saw 158 applications.

While applications spanned all crop sectors, fruit applications fell sharply compared to previous years, whereas applications for ornamentals continued to show a steady increase and vegetable applications rose sharply.

In total, more than 400 varieties of over 60 agricultural, vegetable, fruit, wine and forest species were registered in the Official Catalogue of Species and Varieties of Cultivated Crops in France last year.

2018 also saw a new fee structure along with a simplified application system put in place for plant variety protection in France.

The GEVES Annual Report 2018 may be assessed here: https://www.geves.fr/news/geves-annual-report-2018-now-available/