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Protecting personal data in Argentina: A work in progress

According to recent studies (Usuaria Research, 2013), steady growth in the adoption of cloud technology by Argentine businesses is expected to continue into 2015, especially with the emergence of public cloud services provided by large multinational companies including Rackspace, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, to name a few. The biggest concerns raised over the reliance by …

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Argentina’s Supreme Court decides landmark intermediary liability case

On October 29, the Argentine Supreme Court issued a landmark decision on intermediary liability in the case “R.M.B c/Google y ot. s/ Ds y Ps (Fallo R.522.XLIX)”. As reported previously, the case discussed the question whether search engines are liable for linking in search results to third-party content that violates fundamental rights or infringes copyright. …

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Argentine Supreme Court to decide whether internet intermediaries must monitor search results

Recently, the Supreme Court of Argentina heard arguments in Rodríguez, María Belén c/ Google Inc. y Otro s/ Daños y Perjuicios, Expte. Nº 99.613/06. The case requires the Supreme Court to decide for the first time whether Internet intermediaries – in this case, search engines Google and Yahoo – are liable for linking to content …

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