Kenya’s Anti-Counterfeit Agency to go digital

Formed in June 2010, Kenya’s Anti-Counterfeit Authority is taking its operations digital.

Kenya’s Anti-Counterfeit Authority (ACA) today signed a financing agreement towards the digitization of its operations and services. Funding will be provided by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), channeled through TradeMark East Africa (TMEA), who will provide technical and project financing support to the agency.

The proposed digitization project consists of two stages: firstly, the development of ICT-enabled solutions that will make it easier for consumers to detect and report counterfeits and secondly, the implementation of training programs to raise public awareness levels on counterfeiting.

The signing was witnessed by the ACA chairperson Mrs Flora Mutai, TMEA Kenya Country Programme Director, Ahmed Farah and UKAID Head of Sustainable Economic Development, Ian Mills.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mrs Flora noted the challenges posed by tech-savvy counterfeiters, who have increasingly been using 3D technology to copy trademarks, holograms, barcodes and more, hoping that a new ‘Quick Response System’ will help nab these perpetrators who profit at the expense of legitimate businesses and consumers.

Once implemented, the digitization will ensure ACA inspectors, other law enforcement agencies, IPR owners and members of the public have at their disposal tools and instruments that will help to deter counterfeiting and enhance the process of detecting, reporting and impounding counterfeit goods, as well as provide transparency on the process of the destruction of counterfeit goods.