IP disputes analytics module in the works

 The analytics module is set to spearhead a data-driven focus on risks, claims and avoiding disputes.

Solomonic, a London-based litigation data start-up, will work together with international law firm Pinsent Masons to develop an IP disputes analytics module that will deliver an unprecedented and unique layer of data-driven litigation and business intelligence to users.

Solomonic is a litigation analytics provider who analyses judicial decisions to identify trends, precedents and patterns from previous rulings, all of which inform key litigation decisions.

IP lawyers from Pinsent Masons will partner with the Solomonic team in developing the module, combining the firms’ experience and insight as litigators with publicly available data from the UK’s IP courts to provide an additional layer of insight to help inform risk reduction, claims management and enhance disputes strategies.

IP partner Christopher Sharp explained, “As litigators we draw on our experience to assess judicial attitudes and likely outcomes in cases. Solomonic will allow us to take that one step further by using intelligent data analytics to help advise clients on a statistical basis how a particular judge might approach a certain legal issue in a case, for instance, whether a judge is more or less likely to grant an interim injunction, or whether decisions of foreign courts are looked upon favourably. This will provide an extra dimension for our clients when considering case strategy and execution.”

Gideon Cohen, co-founder of Solomonic added that the module will function by combining Solomonic’s “deep analysis of judgments and court documents with Pinsent Masons’ market leading expertise”.