New patent system for Hong Kong in December 2019

A major reform of the Hong Kong patent system will take place this December.

A new patent system is set to be launched in Hong Kong on December 19, 2019. This new system will introduce an original grant patent (OGP) procedure meant to provide patent applicants with an alternative route of seeking standard patent protection in Hong Kong.

Applicants will have the option of filing standard patent applications directly in Hong Kong, dispensing with the need to have a prior filing of their corresponding applications with a designated patent office outside the country, as currently required under the existing “re-registration” system. 

Apart from introduction of the OGP system, the new patent system also involves refining the existing short-term patent (STP) system while still offering this cost-effective way of obtaining protection in Hong Kong.  

Hong Kong’s Intellectual Property Department will be updating their website ( with relevant materials regarding the filing requirements and procedures under the new patent system nearer the commencement date for reference by interested parties and practitioners.