Dotkeeper acquired by Swedish IP firm

AWA and Dotkeeper now provide a full-service solution for trademarks, domains and digital IP.

AWA (formerly Awapatent) has acquired the domain name company Dotkeeper in a move to provide combined offers within the growing field of trademarks, domain names and digital IP.

The acquisition brings together Sweden’s largest intellectual property firm and the domain names services company founded in Malmö in 2013.

AWA reports that the acquisition will be made in two steps; presently and in 3–5 years, with Dotkeeper AB remaining as a legal entity and brand.

By combining forces, both organizations intend to deliver a complete package for both the legal and digital aspects of trademark and domain name protection by developing their digital services and a new digital client platform together, which is expected to strengthen their client offer in many ways.

Clients will be provided with integrated management and strategic support for both domains and trademarks.

In connection with the acquisition, AWA CEO Magnus Hallin will take over as chairman of Dotkeeper’s board. Dotkeeper’s management team will remain.

“Domain names and trademarks are intimately connected and will continue to grow closer as e-commerce and digitalisation develops. When you build brands today, it is essential to take a strategic, holistic approach to trademarks and domains. A deep knowledge of law, digital technology and practical management are required. Through our joint offer, we can provide these services to our clients in a unique way” Magnus explained.

A new joint website has been established at