About us

IPTJournal – Intellectual Property & Technology Journal

Since its launch in 2010 as an online resource focusing on intellectual property (IP) and technology law, IPTJournal has always striven to provide readers with up-to-date news, compelling articles and insightful opinions.

Evolving with the times, our content includes expert analysis and updates on all types of IP rights as well as the tech and digital worlds and their impact on the practice of law.

Based in Malaysia, IPTJournal is maintained by a team of legal writers, with active contributors from industry and academia.

The website was completely redesigned in 2019, making it fully mobile responsive.

It serves as the foundation of an online community that has a 7000+ strong following on both Twitter and Facebook.

Our industry partners

IPTJournal is a long-time partner of LENS.org. The Lens serves nearly all of the patent documents in the world as open, annotatable digital public goods that are integrated with scholarly and technical literature along with regulatory and business data. 

IPTJournal is an affiliate of and long-time partner with IdeaConnection, an innovation-driven company that focuses on solving complex science or engineering challenges for businesses via a wide range of open innovation services tailored to clients’ specific requests.